Trinity Lutheran College has flourished through acts of kindness, initiated by many visionary families who laid its cornerstone first in 1981 for a Lutheran primary school, then soon after for the college offering secondary Lutheran education. Over the last four decades, we have witnessed the transformative evolution and expansion of the College.

Trinity fosters a collaborative atmosphere where students thrive within a purposefully designed setting that encourages dynamic teaching and learning. Our commitment lies in nurturing well-rounded individuals with a focus on the head, heart, and hand to nurture wellbeing of our staff, students to serve the community effectively. 

Aligned with the blueprint for the College's future, the Friends of Trinity Lutheran College Foundation endeavours to raise funds for the construction of a College chapel at the Ashmore Road campus. The College chapel will stand as a testament to our dedication to providing a comprehensive and enriching experience for all members of our community.  

Having a college chapel holds immense significance for both past and present families, as it serves as a timeless symbol of spiritual enrichment, unity, and a lasting connection to Trinity. We invite you to champion our aspiration for a college chapel by contributing to it's construction.

Together we create a sacred space that will inspire and enrich the lives of our students and families within the Trinity community.


2024 Giving Day

Our Foundation's first Giving Day was held on Wednesday 13 September 2023, raising  $74,990 towards this project. Thank you to all who supported this event!